GATE 2019: Non Programmable Calculator are allowed now

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What type of Calculator is allowed in GATE 2019?

GATE calculator notification

We are glad to inform you that, its the first time in GATE exam history that officials are going to allow you to use a nonprogrammable calculator in your GATE examination. Official notification for GATE calculator is now available on official website of GATE 2019. It was quite complex to make your calculation by using a virtual calculator which was recently availed by Officials. You can see a Images showing how exactly GATE 2019: Non-Programmable Calculator looked in previous years.

GATE 2015 calculator, GATE calculator, Calculator in GATE 2015

As you can see that it had all options available and you were able to calculate what you needed. Candidates will now be allowed to bring their own calculators in the examination. As I already mentioned that it was tough to use a virtual calculator than original, so now it will be better for you to bring a non-programmable calculator along with you. You can see how and where GATE 2019 calculator were located in the online examination window.

GATE 2015 calculator, GATE calculator, Calculator in GATE 2015

If you want to practice through GATE 2019 mock test then visit this link—>

You can visit the official website of GATE 2018 to check official announcement for the calculator of GATE 2019. Its given on that

GATE 2019 committee has decided to allow the candidates to use their own non-programmable calculator for the GATE 2019 examination and hence, please note that the on-line virtual calculator will not be available for GATE 2019.

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17 Comments on “GATE 2019: Non Programmable Calculator are allowed now”

  1. But what is this non programmable calculator..Does it is the same the one we are using that is scientific calculators like casio fx-991ms

  2. How to calculate sin 46 or tan 47 . If they give such values , we can’t do it on simple calculator . I have a simple calculator it does not have sin or cos button . Please tell me a calculator model which I can use .

  3. Hi

    Thanks for this useful info.
    In one of the image you have shown the virtual calculator. If once I close this calculator application then how can I reopen it again?
    Is it the same way as we do in our desktop like Programs – > Calulator?

  4. ES 991 and MS 991 can be used in the exam and so can almost all the calculators used by engineering students. Most other models are usually a lower variant of the afore mentioned models hence Its allowed. Plus, To check your particular model whether it’s programmable or not you can go to the official Casio website.

  5. Get your facts straight… This information is highly misleading. As per gate 2018 code of conduct ‘ any physical electronic found in the possession of the candidate will ensure his/her disqualification from the exam’. Here is the official link to check for yourself – “”

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