GATE Books for Aerospace Engineering| GATE Aerospace Books

GATE Books for Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineering is a rare course to choose for Engineering because it does have really hardcore subjects. GATE includes Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineering in its examination and we are here to provide you the list of books which will be helpful for the preparation of GATE 2019. You can check the list of books for Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineering from here. All books are available on the special discount if you buy from the given link. the books are with the latest updated syllabus and new model papers in it. You will find the best deals for your desired book here.

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GATE Aerospace reference books

The main thing for preparation for the examination is a book. If you have any cheap book, you will find the old syllabus or maybe the book not match with the syllabus. so, here we are sharing some latest GATE books for Aerospace engineering to make your preparation better for the examination. These all books are available here with the special recommendation by the various passed candidates for GATE exam. The market may have the latest syllabus books but they will fail you provide the best deal for the same book that you can easily buy from here with the free home delivery. The book will be delivered to your doorstep within the specified time.

Many candidates are confused in the selection of the book for GATE Examination. some candidates find the book but the author or publication house not matched with their desired book. Check here the list of various books with the best deals given below. these books will be delivered to your place and the most important thing is the replacement service. If you get something wrong with the book or you don’t like at all this book will be replaced or changed easily. Get the latest GATE syllabus books of Aerospace engineering from this web page.

GATE Aptitude Books

Verbal and Numerical Ability

Books Name

Author Flipkart


Objective English for Competitive Examination 5th Ed. Hari Mohan Prasad GATEGUIDE Amazon
GATE-2018: Verbal and Numerical Ability Solved Papers Made Easy Team GATEGUIDE Amazon
General Aptitude: Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning GK Publications GATEGUIDE Amazon

Mathematics Reference books for GATE

Books Name Author Flipkart Amazon
Higher Engineering Mathematics B.S. Grewal GATEGUIDE Amazon
Higher Engineering Mathematics Bandaru Ramana GATEGUIDE Amazon
Advanced Engineering Mathematics – ISV Erwin Kreyszig GATEGUIDE Amazon
Advanced Engineering Mathematics h K Dass GATEGUIDE Amazon

Best Engineering Mathematics Books for GATE

Books Name Author Flipkart Amazon
GATE-2018: Engineering Mathematics Solved Papers Made Easy Publications GATEGUIDE Amazon
GATE engineering & Mathematics General Apptitude G.K. Publications GATEGUIDE Amazon
GATE Engineering Mathematics Nodia and Company GATEGUIDE Amazon

GATE Aerospace Engineering Books List

Book Name Author Flipkart Amazon
Fundamentals of Aerodynamics (Si Units) John Anderson Jr. flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Introduction to Flight John Anderson Jr. flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Aerodynamics for Engineers John J. Bertin flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Aerodynamics for Engineering Students Houghton flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics H., MALALASEKRA,W. VERSTEEG flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Computational Fluid Dynamics the Basics with Applications Jr., John D. Anderson flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Modern Compressible Flow: with Historical Perspective John Anderson flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Aircraft Structures For Engineering Students, 5E Megson T. H. G. flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Aircraft Performance and Design John Anderson flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Airplane Performance, Stability, and Control Courtland D. Perkins flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Aircraft Materials & Processes 5th Edition Dorothy Kent flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Gas Turbines V Ganesan flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion Philip G. Hill flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Rocket Propulsion Elements George P. Sutton flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
Element Gas Turbine Propulsion Jack Mattingly flip GATEGUIDE Amazon

Aerospace Previous Papers [Solved Papers]

Book Name Author Flipkart Amazon
Solved & Mock Papers for GATE Aerospace Engineering Anshul Khandelwal flip GATEGUIDE Amazon
GATE Aerospace Engineering Solved & Mock Papers Jagmohan Meena flip GATEGUIDE Amazon

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